2011 Ava Sport Tanto Pod Harness $350 obo

2011 Ava Sport Tanto, $350 obo. Large. Good condition. This would make a great first pod harness. Selling because I bought a lightweight pod. This harness served me faithfully for 4 seasons. Includes bridles, carabiners, and steel rescue maillion. One minor repair on foot cone, otherwise no damage. This is a super comfortable harness with great weight shift and feedback.

From Ava-Sport: “Designed for cross country flights, the Tanto harness has as main features its light weight (5.8 kg for L size) and the sleek leg protector that provides better speed and good isolation against the cold wind, and it requires small movements to get in and out of it. As the long cross country flight require comfort, we made it happen, integrating in its configuration a special designed seat and easy to adjust belt system. Of course we made the cockpit convenient for the pilot to attach his flight instruments and we added pockets for the extra gear.”

Pictures here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1k4YO6HnEHpCKLvrN4zHvkOpDlhk0rvUK