2019 Membership is open


Just a reminder that all pilots flying RMHPA sites will need to join/renew for the 2019 calendar year. Registration is open on the page, rmhpa.org/join/

As a reminder, ALL pilots, new or renewing will need to complete the membership application and pay their $50 dues (unless visiting and flying for five days or fewer). All pilots intending to fly Lookout at any time in the 2019 calendar year will need to sign the Jefferson County waiver. Please follow the steps on the join page.

You will notice that the membership is a little bit longer this year. First, in part, because I wanted to allow members the opportunity to contribute their contact information, including inReach addresses (for those who use inReach devices) with other members, in a directory. The second is a database of health and emergency medical information. All of the information for these two databases is voluntary (one emergency contact is mandatory) and the member has can choose to disclose any information with just the club officers or with all members. Finally, this registration form is editable. Save the confirmation email you receive and you can self-edit/update your registration throughout the year to reflect moves, new emergency contacts, changes in ratings, and more.

If you run into any trouble with the registration process, please contact myself (VP), Jeff Schneringer (Treasurer), or Don Hillmuth (Webmaster).

Have a wonderful and safe 2019 year of free flight!

Adam Lendi