$5,100 of gear (Rush 2 Wing, SupAir AltiRando Harness, XtraLite Reserve, FlyTec 6005 Vario, Tow Bridle and extras) for $1700!

Hey All,
I was way into paragliding for a while…bought a new wing – Small (70 to 90 kg) Ozone Rush 2, a nice medium Sup-Air AltiRando reversible harness, a medium (I believe) Xtralite reserve, reserve container and moved my tow bridle and FlyTec 6005 over.

I flew maybe 40 more flights (NEVER DEPLOYED RESERVE…ZERO MANEUVERS) then life got in the way…work, other hobbies. It sat nicely folded in a dark (zero UV…low humidity) linen closet for too many seasons to not be enjoyed by somebody. I’m not going to pick it back up. It would make a great kit for a budget conscience pilot.

I’m in Westminster but can meet at any park in the metro area to ground handle and inspect. The white part of the wing isn’t brilliant white from a few flights at Otto’s ridge but other than that the glider is so crispy and was always landed and packed on grass

Specifics: Wing: Ozone Rush 2 – Small (70-90kg)
Harness: SupAIr Altirando Airbag reversible in Medium
Reserve: I believe it’s a SupAir XtraLite in Medium? It should be repacked anyway
2 Reserve Contrainers: It’s currently mounted in a slim bag – but I’ll include a larger Sol
Tow Bridle: All complete and only used twice
Original Speed Bar System: Still in great shape but I’ll include a 3rd party spare in case you prefer that
Nice Ozone Red Hike Bag: the AltiRando Harness IS the hiking bag … but if you prefer – use the Ozone Bag!
FlyTec 6005 Vario: A few scratches on the outer case but the screen is perfect. Probably needs a new battery but it does work

I paid well over 5k for all this – selling everything for 1700 (less than 30 c on the dollar.)

I can email pics or maybe I’ll create a YouTube video showing everything if there is interest.

Hey Jeff,

Any interest in parting ways with only the tow bridle?

Hi Tyler,

I’d really rather not – the tow bridle is so minor – I assume (may be incorrect) – that my best chance is to sell everything complete.

Thanks for the interest though! It’s appreciated.


Hey Jeff, are you still selling this gear?

Hello Everette,
Yes I am – just let me know if I can answer any questions!