50% Off Spot Messenger (until Jan 2015)

It’s Christmas time… Get a Spot Messenger device for $75!

50% off Spot Messenger and other products. Offer valid until Jan 4, 2015. That brings it down to $75 after mail-in rebate.
If you still haven’t committed to Spot Messenger, maybe this offer will help you take the step…

Thanks for the heads up Arnaud ! :smiley:

FREE Spot (with service subscription): iris.backcountry.com/image/view/c274011/900/900

I finally got rid of my cell phone bill, no way I’m going to sign up for another service right now, BUT, might be nice safety feature for my Colombia trip.
ANYONE willing to loan me their SPOT Jan. 7 - Jan. 26?? efax1007 at yahoo please!