Accident Reeder Mesa Grand Junction 4/2/17

Doug L’s injuries: all injuries are on his right side

2-3 broken ribs
2-3 broken processies
Collapsed lung
Several fractures in pelvis needing pins and rods

No head injuries, he was conscious the entire time for the rescue, had to be medivacted via helicopter out due to his injuries, sat on ledge with two other people for 2.5 hours before SAR showed up entire rescue too 4 hours. To those who assisted , Great Job.

Doug took a large asymmetric on right side of wing and he thinks he fell 50-60 ft.

He had surgery on 4/6/17 to and is doing OK, when we know more we will update , especially as far as visitors and things he may need.

feel free to contact myself or Benzie with questions or updates

-Gary V.