Ann Dunlap, heading out to the LZ for the last time.

Most of you probably know by now that Ann was diagnosed with squamous cell cancer earlier this year. She went to a treatment facility in Mexico for 4 weeks, returning in March. I have been visiting regularly.
I saw her today. She has taken a dramatic turn for the worse and is terminal and near the end of her life. She can’t use her computer so no email. She can’t speak either, only a whisper sometimes which is hard to understand. Hospice care is coming to her home.
I will keep in touch with the family and keep the flying community posted. Mike Chevalier

I’m very sorry to hear this. Please let her know I’m thinking about her.

Thanks Mike, our thoughts and prayers continue for her and her family.

oh man this is so sad! last year was her best as far as flying goes. She posted a video compilation here of all the flying she did at different sites. It was just about a year ago that I saw her at the colorado fly weekend down in villa. She was in rare form, dancing and having a blast. My thoughts and prayers are with you Ann

Yes, very sad. Ann is a unique character, quirky, fearless and caring. I always say-- she’s the only hang glider pilot that ever gave me a hug. I used to laugh as she’d talk to herself and sing Heart while setting up. I wondered if she’d ever trim that pony tail for drag’s sake.

On a trip to the Crawford’s a few years back, she arrived with a 20 person tent (it might have been a bit fewer). She had it decked out with carpeting and furniture and houseplants, etc. On the first day, while we were flying, we saw it totally decimated by the strong thermal wind-- she lost her home, but got her POB highest flight on that day.

Mike, let her know we are thinking about her and wish her a recovery if possible, but if not-- blue skies.


So very sorry. Pilots with her enthusiasm and skill are rare.