Avoid landing in School of Mines Surveying Field

In 1995 The School of Mines, City of Golden, and the Dept of Parks and Recreation granted permission for HG and PG to land in a designated area just East of the water tank in the Minors Field area, in addition to the main LZ. (See Meg’s orientation video for a pictorial view, or contact me on the hill for a view of a map identifying the size and location of the approved LZ and the surveying fields used by School of Mines.

Landing in Minors field area outside of the authorized LZ results in potential conflict with the School of Mines surveying fields, particularly during the three weeks in the Spring (May/June) and one week in the Fall when surveying classes are in session.

If an emergency bailout option near Minors field is required then landing as far South as possible from the surveying fields would not concern the current instructor of the surveying classes. However, it is not a currently approved Landing Zone, as is the main LZ and the designated water tank LZ.

I don’t think I have ever seen a HG land at the water tower and I think they rarely do but I did Saturday and I thought it was a great LZ. Its uphill and there is plenty of room with few obstacles. There is a windsock on the hill to the south, a couple great height indicators for your approach and a parking lot a short walk away. The main can get a little crowded and stressful so hangies should utilize this field more especially when its North.

There was some confusion yesterday (Wedenesday 5/28/14) where to land and not to land. There was a School of Mines police officer up near the pillers keeping watch of that area and I guess he talked to a hang glider pilot about where not to land. I know some speed wing pilots also talked to him and they were told that the only spot was next to the water tanks and no where else.

On one of my flights I decided to land in Miners and noticed all the surveying stakes near the water tank and decided to land in the large main LZ next to the shelters at the east end of the field to avoid that area all together. I noticed someone watching me make my approach near the water tank (later found out that it was the School of Mines Police)

I guess my question is where should we not land? Maybe I need to do a walk through of that area and create a detailed map showing where to land and not to land so there is no confusion. There seems to be a lot of that and we don’t want to piss off the instructors or SofM police.

I landed at the water tower yesterday and saw the police officer parked at the parking lot for that LZ. After I landed he drove off and didn’t seem to have a problem with me landing there.
From my understanding everything to the east of the north/south running power line that borders Miners is off limits.

Like I said I landed at the eastern most portion of Miners (shown on the picture at bottom) as Lex mentions in his post. I never had anyone come up to me so I’m guessing this is also the correct place to land.

When I land by the water tank, it’s for convenience. Otherwise, when I land in the Miners, its for safety reasons and I want to be as far from the hill as practical. I’d rather land by the shelters. I hope we are allowed to land there, been doing so for years, but sure don’t wanna piss off the land owner.

We have the original Agreement with SOM from 1995. We should land ONLY by the water tank and NOT down by the caddy shack. I just learned of this myself, so it has not been clearly communicated over the past 6-7 years. NOTE: THE AGREEMENT WITH SCHOOL OF MINES IS VERY CLEAR. LAND BY THE WATER TANK.

I will post the diagram once I figure out how to do it.


If there remains any confusion on this very sensitive and important topic, please carefully reread my above post, and Mark’s post for the pertinent facts. Until the map within the 1995 agreement can be posted please know there are only two authorized LZ when flying Lookout. The main LZ next to US 6 and the LZ just East of the water tank in minors field.

Meg’s map posted above shows the area and location of the water tank LZ. THAT IS THE ONLY AUTHORIZED LZ IN MINORS FIELD. There currently are not two authorized LZ in Minors.

Thanks guys now I know.

…“and knowing is half the battle”.
-G.I. Joe, the greatest American hero

Here is the diagram for the Miners landing area. This is from an Agreement signed in 1995 by Colorado School Of Mines giving us very tentative permission to land in the area just to the east of the water tank. There is no mention of the area near the caddy shack.