Better Price and antenna UV5R radio

I decided to get another UV5R radio as a backup.

As usual the prices are even lower but there is even better news if you get the UV5rE Plus from Baofeng on Amazon.
From Baofeng seller it is currently $37 with free shipping.

The really good news is that instead of getting the standard B A5-R wimpy antenna, it came with a B A-V85 antenna that is actually pretty decent. Two inches longer than the A5-R and Much better for both the 2M and 70cm band. No need to buy a replacement antenna.

Even the provided earbud w mic seems to be slightly better than the prior batch. So for even less money you get a couple of pretty nice upgrades.

Currently $29.90, if you don’t have a radio you should buy now!! If you are a sponsor my be a good idea to have an extra for those that forget their radio.

Now $56 for two UV-5RAs, with free shipping. You can get a single UV-5R for $25, but then you need to pay for shipping.

Keep in mind that you should probably plan on buying a better antenna which will help quite a lot in terms of range, clarity and resolving some potential issues.

Do they come with a good push to talk?

there are lots out there for push to talks but lately i have been using rugged radios ptt’s and they seem to hold up fine with good easy connectors. I know some are even going to the Bluetooth with some good success.