Boulder MOU Completed, Signed and Approved!

Greetings All! After a year and a half of back and forth with OSMP and Parks and Rec here in Boulder we have a completed MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) relating to our paragliding and hang gliding at Wonderland area.

Some accomplishments:

  • Building strong relationship with the City of Boulder
  • First time in 15 years that an MOU has been in place
  • Expanded LZ to included hang glide area
  • Approved use of windsocks on North and South Launch as well as the main LZ

What we’ll need to do going forward:

  • Annual trail day to help improve trail system at Wonderland
  • Windsock maintenance to be documented quarterly with photos

Who contributed to this effort?

  • Everybody! this was truly a club wide effort
  • Here are some specific folks who really put in the hours: Adam Lendl, Dusty Miller, Kris Holub, Carl Marvin, Gary V, Josh Finkelstein, Peter Davies, Ty G, and many others

It will take continued effort by all of the club members to make sure we are the partners to the City of Boulder that we pledge to be.

We have such a great club community and great site infrastructure in Boulder and across RMHPA and Colorado.


Will Stites