Brad Koji Lookout Mountain

Hey pilots! This is Savannah Koji, Brad Koji’s daughter! I took a trip to Lookout Mountain for the first time in a long time and met two awesome pilots! They actually knew about my dad and told me he is a legend and still holds his record! I can’t tell you how much that fills my heart and how happy and proud I am that his name lives on in your community! I don’t know who will see this but to the pilots I met this weekend… you have no idea how happy I was to meet you and how much what you said meant to me! I hope all of you are safe and having as much fun as my dad did! I can still close my eyes and hear his voice saying tubular to his buddy on the phone after watching the weather channel!
If anyone knew my dad, I love to hear about him and the crazy stuff I never knew!

Stay safe pilots!
Savannah Koji