Change Lookout RF ?

The great thing is that we are having so much radio chatter between Lookout and boulder that it can be annoying.
The bad thing is that too much chatter on a channel can detract from the peaceful bliss of coring a thermal.

Some folks have brought up the idea of potentially changing radio frequencies at Lookout. This would reduce radio chatter both at Lookout and Boulder. In trying to select a candidate frequency here is some information I previously posted on this topic.

The URL I found is a scan of all frequencies used in Colorado. We can use that to see which frequencies are used near the front range and determine what may or may not be suitable. … s=0&s=freq

For example Boulder Fire and Safety transmit close to the 151.505 frequency, and someone in clear creek is using a channel near 151.955. But 151.625 and 151.925 look pretty clear. Perhaps people can tune to those channels and see if they hear anything. If not, they may work better than 158.400.

So I suggest that club members that live near Lookout turn on their radios, tune into 151.625 or 151.925 and listen for noise or chatter. Perhaps tune to one of these while doing a retrieve. If these channels are fairly free of annoying chatter, then we might switch to one of them as a new Lookout radio channel. We could even still use DCS and perhaps even a DCS frequency that isn’t the default 23.

Thanks JJ,
I will monitor from my house, not Golden, but close enough,
totally support changing LO to a different freq.