Competition Tasks

Here are the general Waypoint Files and the Taskboards for the monthly tasks.
If someone creates a .xctsk file once they have built the task in their XCTrack or FlySkyHigh app, then that can also be posted on the WhatsApp (the two are not compatible). Otherwise you must build the task yourself from the Taskboard:

Colorado Waypoints

April Task Files
Lookout April Task 1
Lookout April Task 2

Boulder April Task

April Boulder Taskboard:

April Golden Taskboard:

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Nice! Thank you guys for putting this together! Very exciting!

Here is files from whatsapp

l2019-04 Bldr XCTrack task file.xctsk

2019-04-01 Lookout Apr task 1v2.xctsk

RMHPA Colorado WayPoints Feb2019 - BldrLOVillaGlenwdWilliams Final.wpt

April Sprint Tasks:

There are 3 online “leagues” to sign up for. A national and a local XC contest, and a local Competition League for racing declared tasks. The XC Contests score flights based on points per kilometer, with additional weight given to courses other the straight downwind. These contest are open distance XC. You decide where you are going to go, and the website scores you. Make sure to upload flights within 14 days of flying them. Otherwise XCContest wont score your flight. The instructions link for the US wide contest is here
It costs $5

2nd is the RMHPA League also on XCContest. This is just for local pilots and does not seem to cost anything.


Last is XC Demon. This is for the Colorado XC League. These are declared tasks with turnpoints, and radii. I am eager to try and blaze some of these tasks, and I am hoping more pilots will join me.

Create an account and upload flights after you fly the task.

New start cylinder for Boulder Tasks: D14, 500m radius, Start Exit

I’m new to the way points thing. I downloaded the extension on FlySkyHy, so do I simply add waypoints over the general area that I know to be Sanitas, Flagstaff, etc? Or do I need to be more specific for it to count?
When I try to import the file, it says incompatible. Thanks!

Hi Lindsey, you need to import the waypoints file listed above at the top of the thread. Others using FlySkyHigh haven’t had a problem. Once you have that you can build the tasks. Look at XCdemon for those taskboards. Start cylinder is an Exit type and the task is Elapsed Time.

Call or text w questions. thanks, Will