Crawfords 7/14-7/17

It’s looking really good for the Crawfords (Randolph, UT) for the next several days. Anyone interested in heading out there Saturday for a few days of all-you-can-eat soaring?

It’s not looking any good for the CO mountains with all of the north winds in the forecast.

Wow, Rick, I’d love to join you, but I could only make it one or two of the days. But honestly, the winds look awfully light. Don’t the Crawfords need at least 10mph NW to be decent? I’m not seeing anything like that, but I’m curious what you’re seeing.

Bob, the forecast I’m looking at shows surface winds from 8-13 over the weekend into next week with good direction tomorrow through Wednesday (if it holds of course). It’s always stronger on launch. And it will be thermic. XC Skies is showing top of usable lift being over 16k!

A few of us are meeting at Gators (in Randolph) at 3pm Saturday and then we’ll head up for the late afternoon flight. We are camping on the ridge in the quarry.

Depending on the condition of the fields we’ll setup a big orange windsock on the big field on Crawford Mountain Rd or the smaller field directly below launch.

Come on out.

Radios on 151.955

Three of us met Saturday in Randolph. It was ODed and blowing over the back. None of which was in the forecast.

After a big cloud shaded out the valley for a while, things turned on Sunday afternoon. Five SLC pilots showed up and one more Colorado pilot too. Nine HG got roughly two hours each of fun flying in light thermals and ridge lift. Sometime during our flight, three PGs joined in the fun. Smiles all around.

Three of us stayed to fly Monday. We woke to 100% cloud cover but by 1pm it was mostly clear and starting to cycle straight in. But it was too light. No one wanted a sledder so we ended up breaking camp and driving home late Monday.

Today was looking really good but we would have had only one car and two pilots. Oh well.

The mosquitos were not bad until just about sunset. Then it was no fun in the LZ. There were some in the quarry for about an hour after sunset as well.

Gators is no more. It was finally sold in February. It was fixed up a bit and it is now called “Crawford Trough”. I think I’ll keep calling it Gators.

I drove out Sunday and got there in time for a 6 PM launch. Got off at 6 only to find my glider had a left turn that had gotten worse. That turn wore me out so I landed after an hour. Visited Keith and Jody Browning in Randolph. They have a bed and breakfast in town. They’re now on AirBnB.