First Aid & Rescue Workshop - Golden

RMHPA will be hosting a workshop in Golden, on August 19th from 3 to 5 pm. the course will be taught by members of the Golden Fire Department and Rocky Mountain Rescue. The agenda for the course is:

3-4pm - GFD presentation on basic safety awareness and how to aide in the case of a rescue. How to prepare for rescuers to arrive, basic first aide, and safety etiquette. * after presentation a few Q& A * this presenter only can give us about an hour of their time

4-430/445 - Kris Holub from RMR: What RMR does , basic first aide kit for pilots, general overview of rescue situations. Q&A for Kris.

This course is free to all current RMHPA members. Please use the registration link below, so that we can get an accurate headcount.

The event has been added to the club calendar, which can be found here: