Flying Bir, India Update 2018

First, if you are reading this, then you should be here!

Notes from India:
Colorado Pilots:
Eddie Farrell
Tyler Burns
Lindsey Ripa
Eric Bader
From Tyler:
Launch at Billing is in full swing and for good reason. Broke 2 personal bests yesterday: climbed to 15000 ft & a 98 km triangle. ALMOST 100k! Beautiful flight to Dharamsala and back. Took the higher mountains on the way there and the lower peaks on the way back. Stoked, but I still want more! Thanks David Hanning for the pictures I stole from our glide back towards Bir. @ Bir, Himachal Pradesh, India
From Lindsey
I think this is the kind of day they talk about here in Bir!
In one fell swoop, I hit my 100th hour flying, and I smashed my best flight the other day by getting a 76k flat triangle today. I flew to Dharmasala and almost the whole way back! It was late in the day and lift was getting harder to come by, so I landed at some university and taxied back.
Today took all my mental efforts, and a rest day is on the horizon.
What a crazy sport!

From me, Eric Bader
The first week of flying here for me was good, if you didn’t mind the clouds, you could still get some big flights. Week 2 was dryer and the conditions just kept getting better. I think the best time here is the 2nd and 3rd weeks of October. Everyone here that I have spoken with has gotten a personal best of some kind. Hard not to set personal bests when you get 20-30 flight hours a week. I squeaked out a few personal bests, longest flight was 2 minutes longer than last year, at 6 hours 32 minutes, largest triangle of 151k, highest I have ever flown, 18,700’. Flying over snowcapped Himalayan Mountains is nothing short of breath taking. Then add in some Vol-Biv camping and I at least have some life time memories.
The down side to flying in India is days like today. They shut down launch until 1pm so the Military can have a paragliding spot landing contest. Last year they shut down flying for a week right after I left, for a government official that was coming into Bir.
Eric Bader