Garmin Inreach


Hi all,

I recently purchased a Garmin Inreach Mini and I am working to get everything set up. I am experiencing some interesting issues with the website and I am wondering if others are seeing the same issues.

First, when I am on the Explore Website ( I do not see the Social Tab up at the top to edit my Mapshare settings. Can anyone else confirm that their social tab is missing?

Second, If I am logged into the Explore Website above, and using XCfind’s to search for another pilot by clicking on the link to thier mapshare page, I am redirected to my account page and not to the persons mapshare page. Anybody else see this?

Third, before my social tab went missing I did set up my mapshare page, and I signed up for I went out backcountry skiing on Jan 5th and used my inreach to test it and to log our track, figuring that it would show up on I did not see my log on the site. Does know the difference between a paragliding flight and an activity taking place on the ground? If that is not the case, does anyone have any troubleshooting suggestions to ensure my track shows up? Also is their a way to deactivate the log while using the inreach for non paragliding activities?

Thanks in advance for anyone’s help and expertise!

– Isaac


I definitely have the social tab. When I click on your mapshare page it also redirects to my inreach homepage. does not differentiate between on-ground and flying activities, it just scrapes the data from your mapshare page and posts it in an easier to read format.

I’d suggest contacting garmin…Your social tab shouldn’t be missing, and your mapshare link needs to be publicly viewable for any of the external services like to get your data.


I’ve definitely had some previous issues with the tabs and not seeing the correct information. I’ve had issues with the settings within the social tab and it showing different settings. I feel like what solved it was closing everything down and starting over. I may have even done it on a different browser, but I’ve heard from other forums and reviews that people have issues with signing up, with the settings, etc. Garmin might be able to help, but I’d chalk it up as just buggy.

As far as your other questions, I wish I could help, but I’m still learning some of the functionality as well.


Thanks for your responses!

I sorted it all out. I messed up when entering my mapshare data URL into the page. I used the direct link to my mapshare page and not the link to the feed of raw KML data. After changing to the correct URL on the site, my social tab on the garmin explore site reappeared. Not sure why that was an issue but all is resolved. Ill test out the inreach again and the track should appear on now.

Thanks again,