Gin Yeti Ultralight Reversible Harness - $175 obo

Gin Yeti Convertible Backpack Harness. $150 obo. Good condition with a couple of ripstop patches on backpack. No structural damage.

From Gin: The Yeti convertible is an ultralight reversible harness/rucksack with split legs that provides maximum comfort while either hiking or flying.

The Yeti convertible is ideal for hike 'n fly, travel and leisure flying, soaring, speedflying or simply to keep a small package in your car for whenever you get the opportunity to steal a quick flight!

The Yeti is part of a versatile system that covers all your lightweight needs. For greater protection, simply add the optional airbag and Yeti rescue with front container”

Pics here: … BVVWfGAaUA