Glenwood Springs & Grand Junction paragliding

(Trav) #1

Hi all! I’m hoping that someone can point me in the right direction…

My better half and I will be in the Grand Junction (G.J.) / Glenwood Springs (G.S.) area for several days around May 2 (2019). She’ll stay in Carbondale at an event, and I’m hoping to get a few good flights at Otto’s Ridge in G.J. and/or Red/Lookout Mtn in G.S. (…not the Zion Lookout). I’ve flown Otto’s before, but not either of the G.S. sites. It’s my understanding that these are not RMHPA sites, and I’m trying to figure out who to contact for any local protocols/ROE ± site orientation …or any particulars of which I should be aware.
Many moons ago, I think the G.S. contact was at Adventure Paragliding, but I figured I’d post here before I dial them up.
If anyone can point me in the right direction for more info about flying the Glenwood Springs sites, it’d be much appreciated!

Hopefully this information may prove useful to someone else later on too :slight_smile:


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Somehow I missed the USHPA Colorado Chapters list.
Linked for future travelers.
Any other info still appreciated though :grin:

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Hey chilli there is a Glenwood what’s app Group. Best bet is to post up on there when you are getting closer to the date . They do have a club but I believe annual membership comes with 2 free truck rides up red mtn .

(Trav) #4

Much appreciated, ryan!
Hopefully they won’t mind if I pester them a little ahead of time (so I can let house/dog-sitter know in time for her to plan).
Thanks again!