Google Earth Landing zones on the front range

Here is the KMZ file that Mike Jobin created to help with your landing options flying XC to the north and the south of Lookout. I’m also including the airspace KMZ files, study this in Google Earth before making your next XC flight.

Click on a link (below) Download file onto your computer, open Google earth and click “Open” in the File pull down menu, and find your KMz file. This will place your file into you temporary places, you can highlight and drag this file into your “My Places” to make it more permanent and this will also remove the possibility of having a duplicate files if you open it again.

Please be aware that the majority of the places on the map are not officially designated landing zones, and that landowners may or may not have expressed permission to land there. RMHPA does not endorse any of these landing zones nor take any responsibility for any harassment, trespassing, injury, or legal trouble you may encounter before, during, or after landing. … rspace.kmz (love this one - 3D airpace)

Again Jobin…u r the man. The work you did was awesome.

Another spot to have identified as a no landing or caution zone is the CU-Boulder UAV practice field. If you don’t already have this marked please add it. Not sure how often this is used but UAVs (drones) are very hard to see in the air and could pose a hazard if the field is active.
39.972620, -105.229757

I get a 404 Not Found error trying to download the .kmz files linked above. Is there a more recent places these are hosted?

update: found them on the Telegram chat