Hang Gliding Diary 2017

Almost every flight from 2017 in order. All launches and landings; good and bad…
It’s been a great year! Full of lessons and personal bests, milestones, and a couple of close calls. Some of the captions are from other videos, so sometimes they don’t stay on long enough to read.
My husband thinks it’s a bit repetitive, but I like the way it turned out.
'Want to give a big Thanks everyone who helped, namely Mike Chevalier who helped me get most of these flights.
Thanks also to: Steve Ford, Robin and Bill, Jeff Bevan, Jim Yocum, Tim Collard and Mark Windsheimer who also helped to make this a fun year of flying.


Nice job Ann!!!

That was really cool to watch and I learned a lot from that, even though I don’t know anything about hangliding :stuck_out_tongue:

Great flying Ann!

Great year of flying. Might still be a few more flights left. Then figuring out what’s next!

Nice video and great flying Ann!

Thanks Guys!