Harrison Fast needs your help!!!

Harrison Fast Facebook page:

Very sorry to hear this and hoping for a safe return!

Dan Hunt was found in 2012 after going missing at the same site for 69 hours. He was found by search & rescue funded by friends on social media - let’s do the same for Harrison and get him home.

I hope they find you brother.

A bit more info posted here:

dailycamera.com/news/boulder … witzerland

thanks everyone, support is overwhelming , everyone is working hard todo whatever we can.

the Heli is secured for tommorrow at a cost of 9K, I have been in contact with many local pilots who are doing what they can

If anyone has local contacts feel free to text me or get them in contact with me on Facebook and i can add them to the rescue group page

my number is 303-880-5034 , garyv1976@gmail.com or facebook.

Updates here: facebook.com/HarrisonFastRescue/

ARGH! THIS SUCKS! Harrison, buddy, hang in there and crawl yourself back home! Its sounding like that book/movie “Touching the Void” Wishing I could assist in the search and be on site right now… Probably like alot of us… will send any good karma banked your way.

Thought it might be a nice gesture if the club sent a thank-you note to the people at RealD for their contribution to his rescue. Thoughts?

Is there any backup plan if there is a blizzard on Saturday, as forecast? maybe have to break out the ski suit, goggles, mask, etc…

facebook.com/events/1030056 … highlights

I don’t frequent facebook often unless I’m shopping for paragliding junk on Trey’s page, so I missed this update. I unfortunately found out about this update while sharing stories with AZ pilots this weekend while parawaiting to fly a brand new site. For those of you that don’t do facebook either, to let you know, Harrison’s body has finally been found and recovered: facebook.com/HarrisonFastRescue/?fref=ts

RIP Harrison, we all miss you!