Heat Gloves Reviews


Now that it’s winter it would be great to read peoples reviews of there heated gloves, with links, prices, pro’s and con’s.


It’s good that there are starting to be more heated glove choices on the market. I’ve been using the Gerbing heated glove:


I’m mostly pretty happy with the glove. They don’t really make your hands toasty hot, but they keep them from freezing. There is a computerized circuit that only delivers as much heat as needed. I’ve used them on some long multi-hour flights at about 40F and they worked awesome. They seem fine below freezing, but I’ve never had a long flight with them below freezing. This will be my third season with this glove. Here are some pluses and minuses of the glove:

  • Effective.
  • Soft for excellent finger dexterity.
  • Long battery life on lower power settings.
  • Wide gauntlet that goes over your jacket easy.
  • Expensive…$200.
  • Not breathable at all (even though they say they are). If it is not cold, your hands will sweat bad.
  • Not that warm with out the heat turned on.
  • Ugly camo color.


Hey all,

Good topic Benzie… I went with the columbia battery heated gloves:


I looked around and found them at Altrec:

altrec.com/columbia/mens-bug … ric-gloves

This is a recent web page with sale price of $149, I paid $160.

I like the all leather construction, they are very comfortable and not too bulky.
The heat is not in the thumbs :frowning: mostly on the top of the hand… High heat will last 1 1/2 hours, medium/ low maybe 3-4 hours.
My hands don’t get hot at all, but like Ed’s, my hands don’t freeze. I wish the battery lasted longer on high, that is the only setting
which works well with winter flying days. Mostly I am happy with these and they are good gloves without the heat on (and breathable).

Look forward to others reviews…


I got to finally use the Gerbing gloves today in some actual really cold soaring (well, cold for me). A trough pushed through today and it was soarable from probably about 1:30 on. I flew for 1 hour 15 min. The temp was roughly 20F. I had the gloves on full power from about 15 min before my flight till I landed. My fingers were OK till about an hour into the flight when the gloves started wearing out and the fingers started getting cold. I fumbled with some mitten shells that I keep in my harness, but the loss of concentration caused me to fall out of the lift and I had to land. Other pilots also reported cold hands. In hind-sight, I should not have used full power. Should have used 75%. Next time it’s cold as hell, I think I’ll also supplement with a chemical hand warmer.


This is my second winter season with the Gerbing Gloves and I am very pleased with them. I use them skiing and flying.

I have CoreHeat S2 gloves

I have found that my gloves last well over two hours at full heat - not enough for a full day of skiing, but plenty for flying.

At 75% they have lasted a bit over three hours.

Today I wore them at full power for a flight that lasted just over an hour. After I landed, there was plenty of heat left to help warm the hands of another pilot :slight_smile:

Well worth the expense.

For flights of two or more hours, using a lower power setting and chemical hand warmers might be a good idea.


I finally got to use my gloves in some cold weather flying yesterday (2/9/13) before the snow came in. It wasn’t that cold at launch and I never really felt cold for the whole flight, my gloves have two settings High and Low. Before launching I made sure that my hands were warm without any chill in the fingers, that made a world of difference. I kept my gloves on low for about the first 20 minutes in the air then when I got up to about 8200’ they started to feel a tad cold so I turned them on high. Never once were they too cold to bare, I thought that it was just warm outside because I never felt cold until Kiernan came over the radio stating that his hands were about to freeze off and he wanted to land to warm them up, then Webster seconds later said the same thing. At one time in the flight I saw Kiernan waving his arm in like the “come here” motion which at the time I thought he was trying to tell me to follow him, later I found out he was just trying to get the blood flowing back into his finger tips. :laughing:

Anyways the gloves worked great and from what I’ve seen they are the cheapest out there. Here are the facts.

Powermax Sports Glove

Powered by standard or rechargeable AA batteries (batteries not included) for up to 2 hours of heating time.
Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery pack (sold separately) provides 3 to 5 hours of additional heating time.
I have the (LiPo) battery pack :smiley:

I’m thinking on high they last about 3 hours and on low about 5 hours. These gloves do have heated thumbs also which may or may not matter to you.

blazewearusa.com/heated-glov … orts-glove PowerMax -$134.94 not including tax or shipping.

You have to buy the battery packs with charge separately, but still a good deal.


xcshop.com/shop/product.php/ … 12-models-

Video Review Not for PowerMax but good review anyways



Tiss the season,

Well it’s that time of year again to start looking into some heated gloves. Looks like there’s more options out there.

After a year+ of flying with my Blazewear gloves I’ve come to find some problems with them.

  1. they aren’t wind proof, they heat well but once the cold wind hits them the heat is wicked away.
  2. batteries tend to stop working; replacing them haven’t been an issue and the customer rep will replace them for free.

Good things:
They also heat the thumb which a lot of manufacturers don’t heat the thumb for some reason.

They’ve gotten a lot cheaper since last year, $75

My idea is to either find another pair that is wind proof and breathable or just buy some heated liners then buy a shell that is wind proof.

Wind proof, breathable ( but is the thumb heated?)
revzilla.com/motorcycle/joe- … ted-gloves

blazewearusa.com/heated-glov … -batteries


I’ll add that I’m still using my Gerbing gloves. They are OK but not awesome. Points:

-Last for about an hour.
-Good finger dexterity.
-One of the better electric gloves, but not the best.
-Hands don’t feel warm, just not freezing.
-Not warm when not on.
-Not windproof which is dumb.
-Not breathable which is dumb.
-Pretty pricey…$200.

If I were buying again, I’d look for something windproof and breathable unless all I wanted to spend was $200, in that case these are probably your best bet.

Viva Toggle Monkeys! Wish they were big enough to ware with gloves on.


I have actually been using scuba diver gloves and they work great! The only downside I have experienced so far is your hands get a little sweaty, but they stay warm. Toss on a thin wind liner or moisture wicking liner and you are good to go to 17,999!


Anyone have any experience with these? They are designed for snow sports with speed involved so they may be suited to paragliding also…


According to what little info I have been able to gather they are well insulated, wind proof, the heating element (stainless steel thread) is woven into the liner and at least on the palm and the back of the hand. Reasonable dexterity.

Pricey at 225 retail although you may pay as little as 199

135 degrees max setting should last 2hrs (I(A) = P(W) / V(V))
Battery is 2.2ah Lithium Ion.

When do toggle monkeys go on sale? My glider came equipped for them.


Hey Dave those are almost exactly like the ones that I have from the same company I have the fleece ones. If they are anything like mine they last about an hour despite whatever the manufacturer says about lasting eight hours. I found them to be a lot better than trying to use handwarmers. Mine are not windproof but yours probably are because they have a waterproof exterior. You’ll probably find that your hands get sweaty cause they don’t have goretex. I deal with the sweating by using a thin wicking glove underneath. I opted for the fleece ones rather than those S3 ones for the finger dexterity but I doubt that the fleece ones are as warm as the waterproof ones. I’d say the Gerbing gloves are not the best on the market but they’re probably the best dollar for dollar.


PS. Kiernan can you post details about your ultra high-end battery powered European gloves? Also Rick was telling me about some gloves that people are using for XC in Europe that are supposedly the bomb I wrote down the name it is; Zanier Aviator GTX. But I haven’t researched those myself yet.


Wow! These Zanier Aviator GTX gloves better do a lot more then just warm my hands!!


thewarmingstore.com/zanier-h … love-.html

I’ve been told the Toggle Monkeys will not be around this year, i’ve taken it upon myself to come up with an alternative. Details coming soon.

By the way my Blazerwear gloves work as long as the wind isn’t blowing which is never while flying, I flew last saturday for about 20 minutes and had to land because my hands were frozen. I endured 10 minutes of extreme pain as my fingers came back to life. That is what is pushing me to find a cheaper alternative to keeping my hands warm during flight.


Those are one model Benz, but I think the Aviator GTX are even better:


But yeah $400 is crazy expensive. I could buy like a whole baggie of crack for that much.


Well here’s a little budgeting idea,

$400/12 = $33.33 per month then divide that by 4 = $8.33 per week. If you look at it that way I bet you can cut out something each week that cost your budget $10 or less, like that coffee you get each day at starbucks, you cut out two days worth, buy your own coffee for the temporary replacement and BOOM you have saved yourself $400 for your next years gloves. It really doesn’t sound so bad if you break it down that way. :smiley:


I just recently bought a pair of Thermologic heated gloves on ebay for $78 shipped. They use a rechargeable l-ion battery and have 3 heat settings. I have tried them and they work, the gloves are wind proof and have grippy fingers and palms. But I have yet to use them in a cold situation, the 2 flights since buying them were too short to turn them on. The only issue I can see already is that the power button is flat and almost impossible to push with the gloves on. If flying, I would have to push it against the base tube. I’m sure the flying season is over but I will use them for snowboarding and flying next season.


Don’t buy the Hestra heated gloves- which the same glove is also branded in various other names. Not only are they $400, they are junk. I bought a pair from Bent Gate- wore them 3 or 4 times skiing and the left one conked out. Bent Gate sent me to Hestra, which is in Golden- went through 2 more pair- one of the pair quit working pretty quick. Ended up getting 2 pair of high end Hestra’s with the store credit- a pair of gloves and a pair of mittens- and I use a wicking liner and buy the heat warmers in bulk at Costco and usually keep the tingling barfys at bay.


Its that time of year again, Blazewear came out with a newish line.

blazewearusa.com/gt6-perform … ted-glove/

I have the liners and wear a thin leather wind proof glove, so far that has worked but these (above) may work better. What I like about Blazewear is that they heat the thumb too.

Liners: blazewearusa.com/heated-glov … batteries/

If you have too much money and don’t know what to do with it you could try these.

blackdiamondequipment.com/en_US/ … KLG_1.html


All my links from before don’t work now. This is what I found for a new one, Blazewear used to be inthe united states, not sure what happened with that, but this is what I have (older model) and I love them.



I’ve been back and forth between liners and a full-on winter glove. I am leaning towards the liners so it’s nice to see someone else approve of them. I’m looking at the VentureHeat liners. They almost look the same as the BlazeWear.