Helmets for the holidays? (end of season sales)


We’ve talked helmets before, but helmets can be expensive and given that it is holiday season, you should be able to find sales on helmets. Might be a good time to upgrade your helmet, especially if it is old, lacks the latest MIPs rotational type protection, or is heavy.

You need your head. If you have a crash or even just stumble on launch or landing, your head can impact a rock. A good helmet may protect against a debilitating brain injury. Many of us choose to to get a helmet with chin protection as well. Helmet technology has been improving in terms of protection and weight. Weight is particularly important for HGs as when flying prone for hours you neck needs to support that extra weight. Fortunately mountain biking and motocross helmets are on sale now and provide good options compared to typical PG or HG helmets. I mountain bike, HG, and PG, so I can justify the cost of a really nice helmet as it can be used for multiple activities.

POC makes a great line of helmets that fit well but I like the Giro Switchblade that has a removable chin guard. It is ASTM downhill rated. This helmet can often be found on special sales as it comes in many colors and often stores offer a low price to sell off the last of one or two colors. The Giro is very open air making it a great helmet for summer flying.

My favorite helmet is the Kali Protectives Alpine. This is ASTM downhill rated, full face, and weighs only 900 grams (31 oz). It is very light and comfortable. If you call Kali direct you may be able to get a 15% discount and a second set of sizing pads. The sizing pads and liner are removeable and washable. The Kali Alpine is very light and has some, but not a lot of venting, so it is particularly well suited to flying in cooler weather.

I modified my Kali Alpine to add a face shield (Bilt Explorer Discovery $15). All up weight with the face shield and my Gidercom radio headset is 970 grams.