How to Post Photos

This question comes up enough that I thought I’d post the information here.

We don’t host photos on our server, but you can include photos in your post by “pointing” to them on another site.

  1. Get your photos online. There are many free photo hosting services, such as Flickr, PhotoBucket, and Kodak. These services typically offer more features for payment. I use SmugMug for the most part, which is a paid service. You can even use Facebook.

  2. You will need the web address of the photo you want to include in your post. This address must end with a .jpg file extension. If it does not, it’s not the actual address of the photo.

Most services have a “share” or “get a link” feature that will give you this information. On Facebook, you will have to right-click the photo and look at the Properties to get the address.

  1. Write your post on our board. Click the “Img” button then paste in the address of your photo, then click the “Img” button again. This wraps the image address in special tags that tell our board to show the file in the post.

Example: Img*/Img*

The asterisks will be brackets when you use the button:

Let me know if you have any questions.


If you are having trouble hosting your photos try It doesn’t get any simpler. It is free.