Insurance Updates

Insurance summary
This is just based on my own calls and questions. If you have more questions call the companies and do your due research!!

Currently, GEOS has halted its Medivac coverage. You can find new policies at the moment. They MAY reinstate them but the GEOS people I spoke with could not give me any information about it. Could be tomorrow, could be 4 months on, could be never.

GEOS DOES still have HR (high rise) SAR available which covers HG and PG. It provides SAR coverage anywhere in the world save for a few countries. There is no radius limit. Read the full terms and conditions here:

The GEOS does require pushing your SOS button however, they review all claims on a case by case basis and will consider exceptions (e.g. you’re unconscious, or can’t move your arms and the person helping you doesn’t speak your language(s).

I proposed several scenarios, one such following: Flying alone in India and crash. A good Samaritan sees me and comes to my rescue. I am unconscious during the entire rescue but still get hit with a search and rescue bill. The two people is talked to said the same. Because you’re unconscious or there were extenuating circumstances that prevented you from pushing your sos button, they would review that claim and the facts of a case to provide coverage.

If you plan to get GEOS SAR HR, see the promo code USHPA for 15% off.

I talked to Global Rescue (GR). They provide field and rescue coverage and medical transport coverage. But they require either an SOS button push or two way communication. Basically, if you get hurt out, and push your button (or your friend calls for help and alerts GR) then they know exactly where you are and can provide coverage. It doesn’t matter if the initial rescue is done by someone labeled SAR if you have communication with GR from the beginning.
HOWEVER, if you are unconscious and your button doesn’t get pushed, or no one alerts GR and you wake up in the hospital, they are likely not going to cover any bill you get hit with for the SAR portion of the transport. Yes, they will take the details and run it up the later, but more than likely, your coverage begins when you wake up in that medical facility. From there, they can move you, get you better services if you’re in a bad facility, and cover repatriation, or moving you to your place of residence.

GR’s radius is anything 100+miles from home will be covered under the full amount. They have also apparently added (it’s included) “Local coverage” so if you need transport within the 100 miles of your home they have a limited coverage up to $15,000.

Again, they cover NO portion of the SEARCH part of SAR.

For the membership, they cover competitions, but only the transport. It’s the IMG signature coverage (the medical insurance part) that EXCLUDES medical coverage if you’re competing.

Hope this helps some of you get started.