Introduction and a question (H2 to H3)

Hi all,

Am new to this forum and RMHPA (will be joining shortly) as I will be new to to the area starting in the latter part of June (moving from Austin, TX to Windsor / Ft. Collins area). Here’s the explanation for my question (sorry - somewhat lengthy).

Background info: started flying HGs about 87 or 88 in Austria (where I’m from originally). Moved to the US in 92, endured a very long hiatus and essentially started picking up flying again a few years ago. Never had much interest in towing (which is the only option in TX, really), so ended up driving (900 miles!) to Lookout Mountain Flight Park - yes, the “other” Lookout - in GA maybe once a year. In other words: I hardly have any flying time here in the US. I have missed the mountains dearly and can’t wait to get to CO.

My problem: how can I transition from “barely flying” to “flying on a regular basis” with my H2 rating? Seems like an H3 and H4 (or H3 + invitation) are needed for quite a few sites. So, the North Boulder site (H2 rated) seems like the logical option for me. But: is there a certified flight instructor in the area willing to observe the spot landing requirements so I can get at least the H3 in the near future? I don’t see a lot in the way of HG instruction close by - maybe Mark @ airtimeabove?

Any and all feedback and any insights would be much appreciated. Hope to meet some of you soon.


PS: forgot to mention the equipment: way back when I primarily flew a Wills Wing HP (1st gen) and then transitioned to a Wills Wing HP AT 158. Also flew my dad’s Sport (could’ve been a Supersport) and a few other gliders. In the last few years I have flown Falcons (2 - 4) and Sport 2s; currently I own a Sport 2 155.

Front range sites are tough on H2’s. When Williams opens up, it can be good for H2’s early before it becomes too thermic. If you want to shoot some tow take off and landings - Then Mark Windscheimer is your best bet (also for ratings). If you aero tow there is an option out at Moose’s kind of near Deerfield.