Looking for a wing!


Hey everyone!!
I am in the market for a wing before the season gets going here in CO. I was last flying a U2 145 and a Sport 2 155 before that. I am looking for something in that range. The Sport 135 is actually more my size but I was happy with the 155. If you know anything please get in touch with me. Seven 2 Zero- Nine Eight Nine-7080. Thanks and I look forward to flying with you all this year!!!


Heya Kim,

It may be too large for you, but my Saturn 167 is available. I just need to get rid of it so it is quite a bit below market value. Let me know if you are interested.



Hey Brad!
Give me a ring in in the next couple days and we can have a chat about it. Sounds like it might be too big…
Hope you are doing good.