Loss of one of the oldest active Club Members John Coyne


On Friday the 15th of February John Coyne lost his battle to Parkinson Disease.

John Started his flying in 1972/73 and got his first high flights off Green Mountain in 1973 in a Chandelle standard. He went on to become one of Colorado’s best pilots. He won many meets, and made many amazing flights in both distance and duration.

One such flight was in 1980 when John Flew from Golden to El Dorado Canyon and back in 3 hours and 37 minutes. Something we take as common place today.

John was also known for his many great and amazing stories about flights he had done and the great thing is they were all true.

He will be greatly Missed


So sorry to hear this. John was a fixture at meetings when I was involved. He always added a thoughtful perspective, and I always enjoyed seeing him and engaging.

He will be missed for sure.


I too am saddened to here of John’s passing. I have many memories of flying, or just hanging with him. He truly was a colorful character.


Really sad to hear of this. John was a treasure with stories of amazing flights. He was a great pilot and am glad that he was able to share his stories at many club meetings.


Sad to hear, a great guy and great story teller, he will be missed.


Sorry to hear of John’s passing. Rest in Peace John.


Wingnut! I am saddened to hear of John’s passing, he was a really neat man. I always really enjoyed our chats at the meetings and his wealth of knowledge in regards to flying and life. Rest is peace John. xo