Meeting Minutes for 24 Oct 2018

RMHPA Meeting Minutes for 24 Oct 2018 (7-9+ pm)
The Studio Boulder
3550 Frontier Avenue Suite A2
Boulder, CO 80301

Thanks to everyone that made our meeting Wednesday night in Boulder. We missed those of you that could not be there. [b][i]You missed a great meeting—I heard more than one person say the meeting “was the best one ever”.

[/i][/b]Will Stites (RMHPA Vice–President) led the meeting and we had approximately 40 pilots in attendance. Will started the meeting with a mullet analogy of getting the business out of the way up front and saving the party for the back side of the meeting. I’m going to reverse that a little and tell you what made the meeting so great up front.

The meeting was possibly the best to date because we got excellent information on SAR/MEDEVAC Protection and Travel Insurance considerations from Adam and incredible trip reports from Eric and Kris. A lot was covered so I’ve attached a link to the slides for the meeting below. I’ll just emphasize a few of the highlights.

SAR/MEDEVAC Protection and Travel Insurance (Adam)
See the attached slides for specifics and lots of great information on what Adam covered. Talk to him directly if you have questions.
Two big takeaways:

  1. No matter whether you just fly locally or all over the world, having the appropriate protection only makes sense. This includes flying with an InReach or Spot.
  2. If you or someone else needs help, call 911 and activate the SOS button on their Spot or InReach. If they have signed up for GEOS HR (High Risk) coverage, the SOS button needs to be pushed to have the incident “covered”. If there is any doubt as to the status / extent of injuries, call 911 and activate the SOS to get professional assistance to the scene as soon as possible. Femur and pelvis fractures can lead to lots of internal bleeding—shock and death could result. If there is any doubt as to the extent of injuries or it will take time to reach an injured pilot to make an assessment, call 911, activate SOS and get professional help on the way.

Trip Reports (There is no way to do justice to these epic adventures and the photos and videos we viewed—try to catch up with Eric and Kris to get your own personal trip reports)

Flying High in the Himalaya, Bir, India (Eric)
Eric spent two weeks in Bir, India, his second trip there—see the forum for details from his first trip with specific advice and recommendations. His video was amazing. He flew to over 18,000 feet and averaged about 5 hours of flying a day. He said the lift was everywhere, you don’t even have to look for it. One day the valley clouded over and he landed on a ridge, camped and then flew out the next day. It’s a long trip to get to Bir but the flying looked absolutely amazing.

Acro Immersion, Oludeniz, Turkey and Gerlitzen, Austria (Kris)
Kris spent 4 months doing Acro Training and got to test his reserve a few times. The videos were absolutely incredible—enough to make an old dude want to get a cutaway system and three reserves to use next summer learning acro. No words—ask Kris to watch the videos and tell you about the experience.

Club Business (see the linked slides for more info)
Access is our priority.
Safety goes hand and hand with access. If we, as a community, are seen as a risk and liability it makes it difficult to maintain site access.
If you have been following the WhatsApp chat on Reeder, you know how quickly and easy it is to potentially lose a flying site. Please don’t try to fly Reeder until we get the access issues resolved.

We are 200+ strong, get involved and make a difference. Join a working group, throw your name in the hat to be a club officer. See the slides—RMHPA Secretary anyone? :stuck_out_tongue:

Expect to do some trail work in Boulder in April.

Halloween pumpkin target drop (Larry’s suggestion) or candy drop (Ariann’s suggestion) in Boulder? I like it.

Landing in the “normal” landing spot in Lyons will probably get you a ticket. Try to avoid landing there unless there are no other safe options.

Benzie has the club t-shirts—catch up with him when you can to get and pay for what you ordered. If you didn’t order one and are interested, check with Benzie on availability; there may be a few extras.

I couldn’t capture every detail of the meeting so try to be there next time. We missed you. If something needs to be corrected or expanded on, just respond and add it on to this post.

Lift and cloud streets…Drinks