Mitchell Stubbs accident

Anyone know this guy? … 00251.html

We just so happened to be camping in the valley below where he took off and ran into Garfield County rescue at a trailhead. Was cool to be able to help them get an idea of launch-able mountains in the area where Mitchell was last seen hiking to go fly (Wilderness). Anyway, the helicopter found him and last I heard was dislocated hip and abdominal pain.

They said he was some kind of PG guide in Utah. Pretty cool to see a successful rescue instead of what we feared.


Nice Assist Ben! 'glad they got him while he was still alive.

I do have a question though: Isn’t flying in Wilderness (initiating flight within, or landing within, Wilderness) illegal? If so, do you think that he will be civilly or criminally charged for the offense?


Oh man, hadn’t considered that part. Yikes, I suppose that will shake out now that he’s in good hands.

Great to hear he was found OK. Hope he had a card to defer the rescue also. Because along with the charges Steve mentioned he could also be hit with the cost of the rescue.

Biggest thing is he is OK

Mitch did post a video on his Facebook page but he set it to friends only so I can’t share, his video was him sitting on the hillside where he crashed on talking about his day/night/day before his rescue. I’ll do my best to dictate his video.

He explains that it was very turbulent day in the valley and that he made a bad decision to fly, he says he had a “flapper” all the way to the ground ( my guess is that he got stuck in rotor and got pushed down to the ground, flapper maybe because he was trying to pressurize his wing to fly again)

He goes onto to explain that he thinks he broke his hip, he spent the night out on the hill after it happened and has been hobbling back to camp 30’ at a time, he knows that his dad is down in the valley and is hoping that he can bring a horse up to him. He said he’ll never make it back at his pace. SHIT! He really wishes he had a walkie talkie

He knows that he messed up and he knows now to bring a radio, I told him if he had a spot or inreach device he probably would have been found the same day.

He had surgery 7/18/16

Glad he got and now has a story to share with the rest of us on what was learned.