Mountain Sites Radio Frequency

I notice that the Williams Site Guides appear to list an incorrect frequency. We use 151.955 MHz no DCS. I’d like the webmaster to make the charge for Williams and for the other Site Reps to double check what is published and suggest changes is needed. I believe 151.955 MHz no DCS is used for Wolcott and Bellyache also.


That is also what we use for the club frequency at Villa Grove - Whale - Princeton etc.

There is a local freq there as well but it is annoying to be flying and hear chatter from locals in the area, while the 151.955 is just HGs or PGs so it is clutter free.

Thanks for all your information for updating the Williams site guide. I made the change, and I’ll reach out the the Vail Valley folks about the radio frequency they use. We don’t want to slide arbitrary rules and radio frequencies into the site guides. Let me know if there are any other issues.

@jj1 Thanks for your help updating the Villa site guide. Based on your input I used 151.955 in the Villa site guide.