Need Central List of SPOT/InReach Links

It would be a nice safety feature if there was a single page on the club website that showed a list of all members and their corresponding SPOT/InReach page.

Perhaps something like

Each member with a SPOT or InReach should be able to submit their share page link and have it appear on this central list. Maybe an email sent to the webmaster who can then update this new page on the website.

Then if a group is out flying and someone goes missing, this list can be accessed and the member’s link can be used to see their SPOT/InReach page and see their current position (assuming of course they turned on tracking for the flight).


I appreciate your effort with this. I can’t agree more. However, this is already set up with xcfind. It only takes a shared page from Spot or Delorme to be sent to David Wheeler at XC find.

Send him a donation ($20 through pay pal) and the link to your shared page. David is a nice guy and really has set this up for glider pilots… he doesn’t care about profits. XCfind is an great thing, works awesome with phones or tablets. I actually look at it everyday to see what people are doing around the country.

Those of us XC pilots depend on each other, we need to know where the other pilots have gone. Some pilots are on XCfind but not linked to the colorado page. This is something to tell David initially. He will get you grouped in the right place (he loves doing this).

If you have done a comp, you are likely in David’s database… just take an extra effort to tell him you are in Colorado! If you do a comp somewhere else, you will get grouped in that place and not where you live.

The Colorado XC page is at

Just my 10 cents 8)

So that’s how that site works. I looked and looked at XCFind and it is completely unclear that an individual simply contacts him and pays $20 per year to get added.

While XCFind has some nice features, I still think the club website should have its own page, for free, of members’ share links. It would be a trivial page with just a list of names each linked to the corresponding share page. Lets make it easy to track our members.

If an individual also wants the benefit of XCFind, they are still able to do so if they wish.

While the shared SPOT page is a good idea and it would allow folks to find one another, it doesn’t eliminate a pervasive problem within our community both locally and nationally. Namely: who are the emergency contacts for a pilot whom we are flying with?

I fly with a Road ID tied to their website that allows first responders to obtain my emergency contact info along with insurance, my address, etc. This alleviates my fellow pilots of the responsibility of finding out who should be called… a problem that came up with Kevin Smith’s accident for example.

The Road ID (see their website) and a contact in your phone entitled ICE (In Case of Emergency). Do these two things. The Road ID service is inexpensive. ICE is free… but if your phone is password protected, then folks wont have access…

The SPOT thing get’s folks to the downed pilot. The Road ID and ICE phone contact do the rest.


We can do something like this for next year.


My idea for reaching out for emergencies is to add this email address…

That email address will go out to all the officers at the club no matter who they are at the time which should start a nice “phone/web tree” of contacting your emergency contacts.

Great ideas guys.

  1. I agree with Benzie’s idea to add the officers as the emergency contacts, then they can help rally/dispatch/coordinate.
  2. Good idea Steve: cyclists and road athletes use these often. As an alternative, what I do is keep a laminated mini card on my flight harness where it’s easily discoverable by anyone who finds me (either on the zipper on my PG harness or on my shoulder strap. The mini card contains my drivers license info, emergency contacts, donor info, insurance and group #, and any know medical issues.

My biggest fear is having something happen to me, and my loved ones don’t know what’s going on.

I think a multi-pronged synergistic approach is the best way, which is what we’ve all been discussing here. To me that is:
a. Having a Spot or other GPS-based emergency device
b. Having it tied to XC find, or for comps airtribune or other
c. Having emergency contact information tied to XC Find and/or your Spot page for your loved ones, friends, and the RMHPA officer email address.
d. The club keeping a database of pilots’ emergency contacts, which I think that we do, when you signup for our club
e. Using other modes of communication, such as WhatsApp
f. Having a buddy system
g. Giving your flight plan to your nearest before departing for any flight.

h. RMHPA Twitter feed (I guess this could be added to [b] )

I do want to press the twitter feed, its not going away, it’s just another great way to check peoples spot/inreach… just because we are using whatsapp for our ETA’s and Current weather updates doesn’t mean that we should stop using Twitter we need to keep tabs on it just as you were when that’s all we were using for group messaging.

Just to clarify this email contact is for EMERGENCIES ONLY, this wouldn’t be used for your “I’ve landed safely and need a ride” and such, this is for your HELP button.

I don’t think our officers need to be receiving emails about how well your flight went and how you need a ride or not.