New HG in Centennial


Just a quick introduction - my name is Chris and I’m a new HG pilot. My initials are CC, so CSquared. I’m not sure what’s taken me so long to try gliders! I’ve been an a/c pilot since the 80’s, dabbled in sailplanes a bit, skydiving quite a lot, back to planes, and now I’m here. I’m working on my H1 with Mark. I’ve met some of you already and hope to meet more along the way! Other than aviation, I love fly fishing, riding my Africa Twin, and taking pictures. Travel too, but I do so much of that for work, I don’t travel for fun much. There’s a cool mix of folks here, and you’ve all been a big help while I was in lurk-mode. Thanks!



Welcome Chris! Looking forward to seeing you on the hill and in the air!


Thanks, Jim! I’m having a blast learning and have met some nice people out at the scooter tow site…