New P2 from Seattle Looking to Fly

Howdy folks, I’m a new P2 pilot from Seattle. I come to Colorado in the fall for 2 months every year to make snow at Loveland ski area. This year im hoping to get a few flights in at Williams, Kenosha, or Bellyache. Im only here for october and november, so i’m not sure how many folks are flying those sites this time of year. (Especially with the snow thats already starting to fall.) I know the weather looks pretty snowy/stormy for the next week or so but if theres anyone that should feel so inclined to go flying and give me a site intro anytime in the next couple months i’d be super stoked. I’m based in Silverthorne.

I also cant help but be curious about the possibility of taking some short sledders at loveland pass. I’m reasonably familiar with the weather at loveland pass on account of being a snowmaker there. I know the winds can be pretty wild and unpredictable, but on a calm S or SSW day it appears to be reasonable.

There are a handful of P2s in Summit, Grand & Eagle counties. We fly the sites you mentioned plus a few more. If you have not already, get WhatsApp on your phone. I will PM you my phone number, txt me and I will get you the relevant links.


Thanks James!