NEW Safety Guidlines for packing up at Lookout


Now that we are getting more and more pilots PG, MW & HG at Lookout mountain in Golden, we all NEED to follow the same safety guidelines for packing up our gear. Please see the map that I have attached for those specific guidelines.

Please ONLY pack up in the green area!! This is now a new Lookout requirement for any day that you are flying no matter if there are other pilots PG, MW & HG in the area flying or not.

We all need to make this a routine and pass it along to others that may have not gotten the word. Sponsors please review this with the new pilots. I’ve also highlighted in red with black lines where most of the PG tandem pilots go to pack up thinking this is ok, THIS IS NOT OK please move to the green shaded area to pack up for your safety and the safety of other pilots.

The yellow area shown is secondary, if you land behind the ditch stay there and pack up before walking out. BE AWARE OF OTHERS LANDING

The smaller blue area is a waiting area just in case if there are others landing, it is tucked back in to the SW corner of the trees, this isn’t a good pack up area since it has high grass and bushes so please don’t think this is a better solution then just walking your gear over to the green area. My fear is that most pilots will slowly start to encroach onto the red area thinking they are far enough out of the way when they are clearly not.

If the green pack up area is full please wait patiently for your turn or ask nicely to bump another pilot out if you are in a hurry.

Thank you,

You left out the triangle bound by hwy. 6, the marsh, and the trail. I pack there sometimes and it seems like a good spot. Agreed?