New School in Boulder


Hey guys,
I want you to all know there’s a new pasa approved paragliding school in Boulder; Boulder Free Flight. Dusty Miller and I will be taking new students anytime after April 15 when I return from New Zealand where I’ve been flying tandems this season. We hope to offer very personal instruction with a strong focus on technique and safety. If you need to refer any folks for lessons please keep us in mind. Also, if anyone is interested in seeing what flow paragliders are all about hit us up. I’ll be heading to Australia april 1st to visit my friend Felipe to test out his new c wing the fusion and the hi b prototype. There’s a few other brands we’ll be carrying shortly but for now we sell exclusively Flow paragliders.

greetings from New Zealand,
p.s I have’nt made any facebook announcement yet because we want to tweak the website and pay the boulder insurance first but we have pasa approval and I want to get the word out.