New site and launch open tomorrow (Nov 13th)

“Pristine Point” is now open !!
A couple of us just spent a day clearing and creating a launch site, and you are welcome to join us for the inaugural fly-in tomorrow (sorry for the short notice). It’s a cliff face that is probably 1000 feet high and runs for miles (3 or 4 miles? Height and length still needs to be determined).
Launch is cleared enough to handle 3 paragliders, and layout a few more. Easy access on BLM, plenty of landing options, easy retrieves on sink-outs, top-landings all along the ridge. Road access from two ends of the ridge . . . one can handle 2wd vehicles, the other is better with a 4wd.
The site takes wind flow from the South, Southwest, and a limited amount if it’s more westerly.
Pristine Point is located between Craig and Meeker, Colorado, with these Google Earth coordinates:
Tomorrow will be the first attempt for launches off the new site, and the forecast looks good for what we need . . . SW winds at 10 mph +/-
Like any new site, this will be a learning experience, and with the desert climate it looks like we may be able to fly it all winter long.
Plans at the moment are to leave Steamboat Springs at 8 am, and be at the site at 9:30 for a site intro.
All are welcome, hand gliders included. We cleared enough to be able to set back a goods ways from the edge.
Feel free to contact myself (Dan Bruce - (970)879-8150), as well as my fellow “clearing companion” (Aaron Reimer (303)514-3287)
Obviously, many won’t read this in time for tomorrow, but feel free to call and link up for future flights . . .

Would be interested when you guys go on a weekend.

Well, we did it . . .
3 of us flew today (Monday, Nov 13th) after cleaning up the site a little more beforehand.
Will be an interesting learning curve for this location. Would have been perfect today for hang gliders. At 11:20 AM it turned from not launchable to 15-20 mph solid in the matter of a minute, and stayed that way for hours. We had to wait until about 3 pm to launch, and then got rewarded with 200-300 feet above the ridge, and hands-off flying. Beautiful views, and easy top-landing options. Was a little more West than Southwest, which got us going about 30 mph down the ridge, and then 5 mph coming back, but maintained plenty of height. Really want solid SW at this spot.
Feel free to contact me about future flights. We cleaned up the site even more today, removing potential snags for lines. It’s starting to look really good. Next step: Astroturf, if we can find some used stuff.
Dan (970)879-8150

Here’s the directions I’ve been giving pilots:
From Rifle, Highway 13 until you get to County Road 17 - on the left just after the ColoWyo entrance/turn off (after you’re past Meeker and getting close to Hamilton).
From Craig it’s a right turn after you pass Hamilton, just before the ColoWyo entrance.
Then stay on 17 and you’ll see the ridgeline you’ll be flying on the right. Keep going until you’re seeing the end of the ridgeline and cross a metal cattle guard. Make an immediate right after the cattle guard (there’s a sign there saying something about off-road travel or something). Then continue to make right turns and it will get you around the end of the ridge. (You will have to open and shut a green gate before you get to the end of the ridge).
There are a few spots as you climb that take 4wd with a little clearance, but not too bad. As you climb up the backside of the ridge you will sort of flatten out until you pass a brown route marker on the left with 1593 on it. Just past that on the right is access to launch. There’s a tree with an orange ribbon on it, and you’ll see a cairn marking access to the launch. You can drive right down to launch.


A few things:
A more accurate vertical on the site is around 600+ feet.
It’s a bit shorter and quicker if on Hwy 40 in Craig to continue west on 40 until you get to Lay, Colorado (10 more miles or so), and then turn left on 17. Then, you’ll cross multiple cattle guards until you cross a river and the ridge we fly is on your left. Then you will make a left just before you hit the next cattle guard. There is a sign there that says “Yampa River public access.” Now you will make right turns until you go thru the green gate and skirt around the end of the ridge and head up to launch.

Anybody been out there this spring? Thinking of heading that way next weekend if conditions look good.

Hey Jeff!

i haven’t heard of anyone flying there this past winter… Benzie, Gary and I went there in November but we didn’t fly. We did however watch a couple HG’s from Steamboat soaring like mad (in 30-40 mph wind) until dark. It is hard to say what conditions are good for PG’s there but W to SW winds are needed… This weekend looks like saturday will not work there, but Sunday is possible. But really, this weekend seems to favor Otto’s ridge if your looking for airtime.

Mike, thank you just got back from Otto’s and not really looking to go there again. At least XC Skies seems to suggest the
Craig area will have W but also a good chance of NW. Spring time a throw of the dice. Think I’ll just sit back and watch.

Any hangs interested in giving this site a try this spring? It looks pretty sweet and way closer than going to the Crawfords.

Possibly, but the Crawfords are hard to beat when they are on.