Next steps and intro

Hello all:

I’m Daniel and I haven’t flown yet. I’m passionate about flight though and I’m eager to learn.

I’m in my early 30s and reasonable health. I bought Hang Gliding (Cheney) and I love it. This is a hobby/sport I can really see myself getting into. But I’m money poor at the moment so I’ll need to spend my :moneybag: wisely.

I have time to wait, save, and read about it. But obviously I’d love to get airborne sooner rather than later :wink:

I wanted to introduce myself and start to meet the community. Recommendations are welcome!

Hey Daniel! Have you got your P2 yet? I am new too, getting my P2 this month. Let’s fly!

Hi Everette! I haven’t started flying yet.

On my breaks at work I sit outside and watch the wind and clouds most days. And I think, soon… I’ll be up there.

For now I’m saving for an apartment and for a hang glide instructor. Thanks for asking!

Where did you get yours and how much? I’m not sure what to budget. Did you buy your gear too? Same place? Etc?

Hahaha I’ll take any suggestions that’ll get me into the sky like… yesterday :smiley: I am so ready.