Oludeniz/Gerlitzen Acro


By popular demand, here’s a link to the montage I put together and presented at the October meeting, put together from clips I gathered while bumming around in Turkey and Austria for 4 months. I also included the full sequence of my various reserve deployments, for those who want to see more than what’s in the montage.


Reserve 1

Helicopter became unstable and instead of exiting, I attempted to try to correct it, suffering a collapse, cravat, twist, and immediate autorotation which reversed direction

Reserve 2

Mactwist initiated too early and released too late

Reserve 3

Misty flip followed by underestimating the strength of the asymmetric shoot

Reserve 4

Synchro spiral collision. We tried to initiate this maneuver from a less than ideal setup and forced something that wasn’t meant to be. The pilot above me hit the turbulence from my wake at the wrong time, turning him out of the intended flight path.


I just watched this , wow so incredible!!


Super rad man! Looks like huge progress.