On other missed opportunity

This panel just appeared in Mehaffey park in Loveland. It was a very good place to do some kiting!

Probably because of the people kiting at Loveland Sport’s Park as well.

No sign like this in the Sport’s Park yesterday, so I have no idea. And I saw the sign yesterday, it was not there before when I kited last week (or I missed it) although it says August 1, 2018. Since I kited a few times since May, I doubt I will have missed that long.

There needs to be more advocates working with cities like Loveland educating them about how paragliding and hang gliding works. They tend to make these blanket regulations without really understanding how things work. It takes time to educate them but it will pay off in the long run. They tend to think that we have a choice to land whenever we want, we explained to jeffco open space how lift and sink happens and how sometimes you just have to land if there is no lift. Also explaining how kiting works and how it’s not as dangerous as they may think. Maybe some rules need to be set with when you can and can’t kite. Again just got to get the topic started and work with city officials. Taking board members on a free tandem tends to help too.