P2 Getting More Air Time

I’m interested in recommendations on locations to get more air time, whether it be easy access to long sled rides or ridge soaring in consistent smooth air. Preferably locations in CO but open to ideas on a paragliding specific vacation. I learned in Boulder and that’s my go to because it’s close and I’m familiar with it, but it’s going to take me forever to get my hours up. I’m also open to advice on the best way to connect with some of the local pilots for locations like Edwards, Aspen, Villa Grove, Steamboat. I just can’t accept the idea that I have to join every club in the State and pay an instructor $100 for every place I want to take a few sled rides. Thoughts?

Otto’s Ridge near Grand Junction. Yeah, it’s a haul, but on a decent day you land because you’re board of running figure eights over the ridge. If you can top land great, but I find the hike back up to be much easier than Boulder. Timing is different than Boulder though. When the wind is good flying starts not long after sunrise and is good for a couple of hours. If it’s a good day there will be local there and they are happy to help out.

It is late in the season but the Crawfords in Randolph UT have some great days . Also POTM inDraper UT is flyable 5 days a week and that continues in winter too unless SLC gets a big snow. Early mornings on the S side, late days on the North side. You can get a lot of flights in there. 8 hr drive but free camping at S Point.

Does anyone tow-launch paragliders in the front range? I’d be interested in getting my tow rating. I imagine a good 1k head start would let you thermal/soar the ridge for quite a while.