Paragliding Helmets Blow

I’ve been really unimpressed with paragliding helmets over the years. They are generally expensive and they are made from low tech, low quality, weak materials. I recently cracked a newer paragliding helmet just by stuffing it into my bag. I’d say if it is going to crack then, what’s it going to do if my head hits a rock? I decided to dump that junk and find something better. In my research I’ve discovered that the helmet market has changed radically for the better. What’s different now: mountain bike helmet manufacturers are making great, light, strong full face helmets now that are vastly superior to paragliding helmets. DON’T BUY PARAGLIDING HELMETS AGAIN! I’ve seen great ones from Bell, Gyro, and Troy Lee. I’ve recently purchased one from POC that I’m really happy with (model = POC Cortex Flow). It is shaped very much like a PG helmet but made much better. This one retails from between $120 and $220 depending on where you get it and the color availability. I’m putting some pix here. It came with a really good looking removable visor to keep the sun off my face, but I had to remove it. It would not fit in my bag with the visor and it was a line snag hazard anyway. I’d recommend this helmet to friends any day.

Thanks Ed! Good to know!

Thanks Ed. Just a quick note on helmet suitability for impact sports… look for certifications. If it’s Europe, then look for the EN 966 rating. For U.S., look for DOT, ECE, and/or SNELL. There are subcategories within each testing house, and each testing house does things a bit different. If the helmet is rated, then it will have the certification(s) inscribed/stickered in an obvious location. For example, bicycle and motorcycle helmets are rated for the head impacting hard objects, but climbing helmets lack this certification (often times) b/c they are designed for penetration protection, e.g. objects falling from above, like rocks.

Thanks for the info Jake. The POC has no marked certifications, but lists these in the specs:

CERTIFICATIONS EN 1078, CPSC 12.03, AS/NZS2063-2008

The EN1078 is a bike helmet certification. Doubt they’d ever pay for the airsport EN966 cert.

They also have a MIPS version available. That’s the technology that prevents against rotational brain injury and is all the rage in helmet safety these days. Unfortunately that version of the helmet is $400!

For summer flying I often use my Six Six One helmet.

It seems to have better ratings than HG/PG helmets and is only slightly heavier. Certainly seems to be stronger structurally. And price is just over $100.|sjzZI5lVC_dc|pcrid|102620382288|pkw||pmt||prd|549059US

Thanks JJ that looks like a totally decent one

I use a motocross helmet. Full face, well padded. Saved my life.

For best protection out there check out helmets that are certified MIPS (see link below for explanation) … u-need-it/

Good price on such helmet. but only small/medium … 7VEALw_wcB

More expensive but more sizes … IPS+HELMET

Helmets are on end of season sales.

The Bell 3R is $160 but the chinguard isn’t downhill rated.

I picked up a Giro-Switchblade that has MIPS, downhill rated chinguard, and if you don’t want face protection the chin guard is removeable. $175

It also comes with a spare removeable visor that has a go-pro camera mount putting the camera under the visor. I wouldn’t use a visor while flying, but if you want to take a video riding a trial having a camera mount on a spare visor is a nice bonus.

Thanks JJ with this find,

I’m going to buy mine today, found on amazon for $175 totally worth it with it having MIPS. Now if I can only choose the right color :wink: … QKRAFIV4IN

This was one of the posts I looked through when going through my own search for a new helmet, thanks for the pointers!

I just went through the helmet research & purchase process and wrote up the whole thing on the SDHGPA site. POC helmets are on there as well as comparisons between open & full face accident statistics, what certifications to look for, helmet weight, and MIPS technology.

There are a ton of links in there as well for further reading, from the Oz Report “Thoughts on Helmets” that was super helpful to a list of helmets that the downhill skateboarding crowd (probably the closest to pg/hg requirements) likes.

Here’s the link:–articles/the-helmet-question

Best of luck with your own helmet search, and I’m stoked to see you in the sky!


That’s correct. But I’d also mention WaveCel, their certified products are at approximately the same level as MIPS. Here’re the impact test results from an authoritative source:
But for everyday use within the city and without high risks, I personally have a cheap and good-looking helmet:
Had to test it only once and the durability turned out to be okay.