Pilot visiting in November

Hello pilots! I’m a P2 heading into Colorado this November and would love to fly some of your sites. I’ll be staying near Lake Dillon but will have a rental car and am cool with driving anywhere. Would anyone have some good recommendations for places to check out? I’ll be heading up November 12th and will be there about a week. Thanks in advance for any help!

Robert Beeman

There are several sites near Dillon Resevoir. Most of them have groups on Telegram. You could join those groups during your visit to hook up with some local pilots. Check out the group list in this thread: Telegram Groups

The sites on that list closest to Dillon Resevoir are Copper, Bellyache/Wolcott, Kenosha, Azure, and Glenwood Springs (Kenosha and Azure are not close to 70, so drive might take longer). Hope that helps! :slight_smile: