Planning to aerotow Sat April 20th

We are planning to be out aerotowing on Saturday. I will post what time we will start tomorrow.

I am planning to get out to the field about noon when the models show the winds shifting from the west. All the models but one show light southerly winds in the afternoon with lift to 13-15K!

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Looking like a great day fir flying! Winds 5 to 10mph from the south and good lift. I should get to the field by noon at the latest. Feel free to come earlyy to set up, but don’ t be discouraged if the wind starts off westerly.

Hi Jim - I’m new to the RMHPA forum and to flying in Colorado (well, I’m back after 25 years!). Where do you Aerotow? My father, husband and I all fly - and we’d love to start flying again here…

Hi Viveka - We would love to have all of you out to aerotow with us! I post during the week if and when we plan to go aerotowing. We have a Dragonfly tug that is hangered at a hang glider pilot’s runway south of Byers. We only tow on weekends when the weather cooperates, we are not a commercial operation - just for fun.

Here are the directions to our tow site:

Take I-70 East to Byers Exit 316. Turn right on N. Main Street. In about 1 mile, take 2nd left onto E. Front Street. The road will turn south and become County Road 181. Continue south until the paved road turns to gravel and then take a left (east) on Knudtson Road (County Road 42). The road will wind and turn south and become Ridge Road (County Road 185). Continue on County Road 185 approximately 9 miles. Note that when you cross into Elbert county the road becomes County Road 101. If the wind is southerly, turn right on County Road 166 and look for the hanger on the left as you come to the first house. Please park in the area east of the house near the bushes. If the winds are northerly, continue on past 166 to Agate Trail. Turn right on Agate Trail and you will see the set up area and runway on the right. Drive past the runway and park off the roadway.

Oh man - I just saw this!!!
I better change my notifications :slightly_smiling_face:
Sooo… Let me know if you are going to head out towing any time soon.
I can only do weekends, but my husband and dad could both probably make a weekday work.
I’m so glad I saw this.

Tyler in Ft. Collins has also been looking to do some aerotowing.

(Also - my dad has an ultralight and might be willing to do some tug flying - warning… he’s the oldest living hang gliding and ultralight pilot in the world at 93!)

On a completely different note - do you know if they have hangar rentals there? Dad is also looking for somewhere to move his Ultralight. Currently it’s in SC! my email is

Seeing the notes about towing makes me so happy!