Pressured to do the wrong thing

Came across a good article about feeling pressured to do something. The Harvard Business Review article is focused on making ethical decisions in the workplace, however, it outlines an easy and practical step-by-step process for making a decision should there be pressure to do something. From the perspective of free-flight, there are definitely similarities, specifically in the decision “to launch or not to launch”. Here’s the decision process:

  1. Make sure you really understand the situation;
  2. If you can, check with others;
  3. Do a simple decision tree;
  4. Think creatively and practically;
  5. Consider having a fairly candid conversation with your boss.

Draw you own similarities to flying. For example, #5, for boss, I substitute myself, which reminds me to have an internal convo with myself on what my instinct, gut, and intuition, is telling me, after considering #1 through #4. Again, draw your own similarities and you might find a little nugget in there worth keeping.

Full article: … NjY3OTU4S0