Q&A with Lindsay Matush and Bianca Heinrich

For the Swifts Fly In, we showed an interview I did with Lindsay Matush and Bianca Heinrich. Both have many accomplishments, but their most recents are Lindsay being the 2019 USA Women’s Champion, and Bianca recently competed on the USA Worlds team in Macedonia (the first woman since 2011!).

We talk about everything from their history, how the sport has changed, advice for new P2s, safety, thermal technique, endurance on long XCs (find out which diaper brand is best!), and more! This video is for everyone, not just ladies. So please enjoy! It’s 2 hours long because I couldn’t cut off what turned out to be so many golden nuggets of information.

Click here to go to the Q&A

Thanx for sharing, very enjoyable and educational dialogue!