Reeder’s Mesa Update


Reeder Mesa Fly Hill Update (Grand Junction, CO)

A short-term trial agreement for limited access to Reeder Mesa has been obtained with the landowners for use of the driveway to launch. Access will be a controlled/limited entry situation with guides and carpooling across the private land.

Please note the following requirements for this access:

  • Eight pilots, noted below, have been granted written permission to cross the Woods/Webbers private property. To limit traffic, pilots must carpool to the launch site.

  • ONLY the guide pilots listed below have written permission to cross the property and use the private driveway access.
    Anyone else will be treated as a trespasser. No exceptions.

  • Alternative walk-in access on public land is still available for any pilot or group, and maps and information can be provided.

  • All pilots should always be respectful of land owners/spouses/families/pets and property, fences, gates, etc.

  • All pilots must be packed up and head out with the guide in a timely manner.

  • Please note that active agriculture, ranching, farming, and hunting operations are going on in this area and the paragliding community may need to make exceptions for these situations. Guides will be informed to any sensitivities.

The paragliding community has been given this final opportunity to be able to access this site through private property. Failure to adhere to these protocols will result in a permanent shut down of driveway access. We are asking that everyone please join in the effort and put forth the extra work to schedule with guides and carpool into launch and or walk around on public land. Many sites around the state already do this and are successful at it.

All guide pilots listed are volunteers in this effort. Please treat them with respect as we work to maintain access. If no guide is available, do not trespass. The landowners have hesitantly agreed to the above access parameters but reserve the right to restrict access on their private road should these guidelines not be adhered to.

Thank you for your help and respect to the landowners and the pilots so that we may continue to fly Reeder Mesa. To help us inform others and avoid future conflict, please share with other pilots not in this communication.

Thank you
Rick and the High Desert Paragliding Crew

Approved Reeder Mesa Guide Pilots Feb-2019
Billy Martsolf 970-201-8348
Bob Lenc (Hangliding) 970-208-6144
Dan Slover 970-270-3461
David Cox 303-868-9277
David Jones 970-210-5950
Jack Rossman 970-471-5404
Jason Hirt 970-986-9508
Rick Baars 970-361-5228