RMHPA Site Representatives


Hello RMHPA Member!

New for 2019, we will be appointing Site Directors to all RMHPA sites and those sites and regions which RMHPA pilots currently fly, which aren’t insured or protected by RMHPA. Specifically, there will be a Western Slope Director, responsible for Otto’s, Reeder’s, Dominguez, and the rest of the desert. I have drafted a description for the position of Site Director, which you can find at the link below.

docs.google.com/document/d/1hrH … sp=sharing

This position is vital to the club, as we need local experts who are familiar with access issues to help us ensure our site guides and safety information is up to date and that we are informed of any relevant land use or safety issues.

Those of you who attended the September meeting in the mountains know, I value all of our sites and want to ensure equal consideration is given to each. One of my plans for the incoming Event Director is to coordinate with each Site Director to plan at least one meeting at each of our sites and one on the Western Slope, in 2019. I would like to see our Event Director work with the Site Directors to plan more competitions, clinics, fly-ins, and other events throughout the year.

New for 2019, we will be running monthly tasks, per site, which will be created by the Site Directors. You will have the opportunity to set monthly tasks and post the coordinates for your site, which will be open for pilots to complete, throughout the month. This should encourage pilots to develop their skills and visit other sites, for fun and informal competition.

We are currently seeking volunteers and nominations for site directors at each of the following sites:

*Lookout / Mt. Zion
*North Boulder
*Kenosha Pass
*Wolcott (likely to be paired with Bellyache)
*Williams (includes Azure and Junction Butte)
*Villa Grove
*Western Slope

Please email me directly if you would like to volunteer or if you have a nominee in mind for any of these positions.

Thank you,

Adam Lendi


I am pleased to announce your 2019 Site Representatives and Liaisons. These volunteers have agreed to dedicate their time to ensuring your local flying sites have a voice and local representation, that access and relationships stakeholder relationships are maintained, have a knowledgeable site lead to teach new pilots etiquette and safe site use practices, and that they have fun events and competitions throughout the year. Your representatives are:

Lookout - Gary Vaillancourt
Boulder - Dusty Miller
Bellyache - Greg Kelley
Wolcott - Greg Kelley
Copper - Jason Rice / Bob Strong
Kenosha - Jake Hildebrand
Williams - Eric Klammer / James Drewett
Villa Grove - Jeff Bevan
Western Slope Liaison - David Cox

Please direct any access issues, safety concerns, ideas, and suggestions to your local site representatives. They will be working hard with us this year to ensure access to our sites is maintained and that we all have a safe and enjoyable 2019!

My decision to add a Western Slope Liaison was based upon both recommendations from elder pilots and our collective concern over continued access to the sites in that region. RMHPA has no intention of attempting to control or regulate any of these sites. As pilots ourselves, we want to maintain free and unencumbered access to these amazing sites and this position is solely to keep a pulse on issues currently impacting those sites and offer assistance, with the input of local pilots, should issues arise.