RMHPA XC League (online xc contest for rmhpa members)


Why don’t we have our own online xc contest this season? 30 pilots 5 euros per pilot would cover the cost and It would be fun&competitive.

Award could be the Golden Hammer.

I’m in 8)

You and BJ are not allowed to participate. We want it to be competitive :smiley:

Come on everybody let do this!!

Participant list

  1. Moops
  2. Loopy
  3. ???
  4. ???

The RMHPA used to have an annual XC Contest. It had catagories by number of miles flown such as under 10 miles, 10- 50 miles, 50-100, etc. Best three flights for the season counted with monthly winners. Jim Yokum used to do a lot of work on it. It made it fun and fair for all pilots including those with limited XC experiance.

that sounds like fun. Is there a way to handicap, like in golf. Maybe we could discount flights based on how many years a person has been flying. In loopy’s case, he has been flying for 25 years, so we take 25 miles off all his flights.

sounds fair to me.

It has been decided we are taking loopy down :smiley:

This, years flown deduction thingy would work very nice for me but lets keep it simple. We can classify flights by wing rating. We should still have an overall list with all the participating pilots. Leonardo has a bunch of filtering options and it insanely easy to use. Well who else is in?

Time to push some buttons and have people sign up :smiley: MR are you afraid that I would kick your ass :smiley: :smiley: we will have masters class and you are guaranteed to win :smiley:

I’ll give it a go, sounds like it will be fun.

I don’t get why Loopy isn’t in, there can be a way to handicap comp wings in the scoring? Can you do that through Leonardo?

We used to have a handicapping feature back in the day. Then there was once a plan to pair up a newer pilot with an older pilot and use an average of their scores for the comp.

The pairing up of a new pilot with experienced pilot is what the Tenn. Tree toppers do for their big event in September. More points given for getting the new XC pilot to goal. If you plan on doing that I suggest using their system which seems to work well.

My concern would be where to do this. An event like this at Lookout could cause a day with multiple out landings and if that happens, it could put site access at risk. If we hold this in a less populated area where out landings would not cause issues (Villa, Williams, Western slope…) it could be fun with low risk to site access.

JJ, I think Mootsy is proposing we track our normal XC flights and post them to the Leonardo web-site. This is more like a season long XC comp. Which by the way, could be open to Hangies as well. You guys could possibly give Loopy a run for his money. :slight_smile:

BTW, I want to post my first XC flight of the season with a whopping 9.5mi XC south to Belleview Ave.

Updated participant list

  1. Muzzi
  2. Loopy
  3. Marco
  4. Kiernan

Anybody else?

Thanks Muzzi for getting this going!!

Hey Muzzi, I’ll take the bait. You can come out here to fly some the days. Cheers, Greg

Greg, I will be there next flyable day unless LO looks epic the same day :smiley:

Uploading flights from different parts of CO can give us a lot of useful info about the flying sites that we have never been.Its always nice to know where the house thermal and xc routes are! I am really happy that you want to do this.

I know there are plenty of pilots in our club that don’t like me for some reason (Maybe I should stop kicking too many asses in the air :slight_smile: ). I just want to make it clear that this XC league has nothing to do with me. I won’t even be here for the awards ceremony/drinking party. Don’t be shy just join and have fun with the rest of the guys. You can still keep your feelings about me :smiley:

Updated participant list

  1. Muzzi
  2. Loopy
  3. Marco
  4. Kiernan
  5. Greg
  6. Casey
  7. Benzie
  8. Sam
  9. Fred

BTW can somebody be the moderator of this new leonardo program? Preferably a computer geek. Or Can we add this to the responsibilities of the Webmaster. He can even be a part of the contest for freee !! Chris??

Here are the costs and plans. openhorizonweb.com/services.php I don’t understand many things on that table I am sure Chris knows what they mean. 1 euro is more or less 1.4 dollars. Maybe this a better way to spend the club dues than a taco night at the bar.

I’m in sounds like fun.

OK sure fine.

Could we have the entry fee in $US though?

Count me in, boys!


I’m in.


I suggest that we set up a few simple rules:

  1. All flights have to include a launch or a landing in Colorado.
  2. Only every pilot’s best 4 flights count (this levels the playing field for pilots who don’t have as much time as others.)

I really like the idea of a more experienced pilot (longest flight farther than let’s say 30miles) partnering with a less experienced pilot (30mi from Lookout is just short of Lyons or Castle Rock). It would encourage us to motivate/coach each other on good XC days. It would also level the field in terms of glider category. No arbitrary handicap would be necessary.

What do you guys think?


Good idea, Loopy. I like it.