RMHPA XC League Rules

Hi Everybody,

The 2014 XC season is in full swing, and it is time to remind everyone of the RMHPA XC league rules:

  1. You must be a RMHPA member in good standing.
  2. You must have paid the extra $15 for the Leonardo XC league membership.
  3. Only post flights that originate in the state of Colorado.
  4. Only post flights that did not violate airspace in accordance with 14 CFR part 103.
  5. At the end of the year your six highest scoring flights make up your score.

The moderators will delete any flights that do not comply with these rules.

If you have any flights currently on the board that do not comply, please remove them yourselves before June 1st.

These rules are in effect to create a level playing field for members that cannot afford to travel much. The RMHPA XC league is a local competition that should only feature local flights. If you like to post flights from elsewhere, please post them on leonardo, xcontest, or other XC online servers. You can always tell us about your flights and link to them on the Flight Plans & Reports page of the discussion board .

Thank you for your understanding. I wish you all a great XC season

RMHPA Flight Director

I actually disagree that we shouldn’t include flights from outside CO. This isn’t really a competition, more of a way to share flights we have done within the club without the clutter of a public leonardo site. I prefer to see the big flights people get outside of the state. If we can’t post or share a lot of the flights that we do, what is the value in paying for a locally hosted leonardo server? The value to me seems in sharing the cool flying we have done instead of trying to make a competition among a bunch of recreational pilots.

Or we could all just use the public one and pull the 6 best flights in CO from the pilot profile at the end of year.

Anyways doesn’t really matter either way in the end, but the leonardo costs half the membership fee, and it would certainly make me reconsider when thinking about paying next year. Especially if I am only receiving half the value.



I think you are mistaken about the idea of the XC league. It is supposed to be a competition on a local level. The rules are there to keep the playing field as level as possible for local flights, since we all know that Lookout and Colorado sites in general require a lot more work to get the same milage as in other places around the world.

Like i said in the previous post, use the Flight Plans and Reports page to share your big flights around the world. As far as not paying the 15 dollars for the XC comp goes: Nobody has to sign up for it…



Recycling this old thread…

I’ve been talking to some of the officers about this idea about since I started posting on Leonardo last year. It seems to me that our club Leonardo site is a bit of a wasted resource. I don’t know how much the club pays for the site every year, but I don’t think its all that much, and if it were opened up to everyone in the club, it could be so much more useful to EVERYONE in the club. I’d like to propose some changes with the following goals, and benefits in mind:

  1. When people post their flights (TIMELY), its a huge benefit to help correlate the weather forecasts and conditions to what actually happened that day.
  2. New pilots (and old) can study tracklogs when posted, and even overlay everyone’s tracks from the same day, (or different days if you like), to see where the thermal triggers were working. With enough track logs, over time, with lots and lots of data, we could map out the thermals on our classic routes and even put a probability to each!
  3. Even posting “sled rides” is very useful for this data gathering! again- to help correlate forecasts to actuals.
  4. In general, more of this data could/should = evolution in pilots personal decision making and ability to call out the good days and fly longer and further.

With these goals in mind, and as a benefit to every pilot in the club, rather than just a few who are participating currently, I propose the following rule changes to the club Leonardo:

  1. Leonardo is open to ALL pilots in RMHPA with no additional fees (the increase in fees last year should more than cover it, I imagine).
  2. RMHPA members can post ALL flights, anywhere in the world, if they wish- this would be for sharing and creating conversations in our community. More participation = more data = evolution in collective local flying knowledge for everyone here.
  3. Encourage everyone to post all flights in Colorado so we can build our thermal map, and polish our weather forecast decision making.
  4. The friendly “competition” can continue with the same rules if there is anyone interested, and pull the data out of the Leonardo at year end. Pilots would be responsible to pull out their own 6 best flights to the Flight director for scoring at the end of the year, for example.

As a final note, you don’t need a fancy comp vario to participate; you don’t need a vario at all. You don’t even need a dedicated GPS unit. ANYONE who has a (smart)phone can download FREE any of the many apps using the GPS in their phone to record their tracklogs and upload them to Leonardo. One example that I use and think works pretty well (in my opinion, the most likely FREE app to replace your entire flight instrument) is called FLYME (xcglobe.com/flyme/)
Its for Android, but there are others for IOS as well. If your phone has a barometer- like the samsung S3, 4, 5, 6… you can use it for a vario as well. If not, you could pair it via bluetooth to BlueFlyVario ($70-100). It will use the GPS for vario if nothing else, but that isn’t really good enough for a primary vario, you really need a barometric vario.


I agree that Leonardo could be utilized more effectively, and that it would not be difficult to score the Colorado XC League even if flights from outside Colorado were posted. This has been approached in the past after some non-Colorado flights were posted, and there was strong pushback from one person.

The concern in the past has been that the intent of Leonardo is a “Colorado only” XC league. My opinion is that the Colorado XC League can easily exist alongside flights that did not originate inside Colorado. If it’s an issue of the increased time it takes to score the competition, I volunteer to score this year’s flights. I don’t know if there are any other issues people have with posting flights from outside Colorado.

I’m not sure about the cost, but it is only $5. Dues were increased last year to close the gap between spending and income from membership dues. Perhaps Sam can share what it costs to maintain Leonardo and if we can afford to do away with the fee.

I encourage you to contact Benzie about putting this issue on this month’s meeting agenda.